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KCRC - East Rail division

  Date:28/10/2007 Fleet no:201

Being the 1st of the batch, it did not have fog lamps which exist in others. It was deployed in serving feeder bus route K16 running between TST East and Nam Cheong.

                                         Date:28/10/2007 Fleet no:222

The destination blind of 222 was in the original  manually operated type.

Date:28/10/2007 Fleet no: 208

208 had its destination blind changed into "LiteVision" electronic display whilst keeping the original version of its front spotlight. 




Date: 28/10/2002 Fleet no:216

216 was seen serving K15 heading towards China HK City. 

Date:28/10/2007 Fleet no:210

The "Leyland" badge on the grille of 210 was retained. 

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Date: 28/10/2007 Fleet no:223

The second last of the 25-membered fleet.

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