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KMB - A/C version

  Date: 17/08/2005 Fleet no:AL1

The prototype of a/c 11.3m version, was on the last day of service at route 6C. (Kowloon City Ferry)

                                         Date:27/07/2003 Fleet no:AL148

It is one of the later version having Alexander Royale body which resembles that of Volvo Olympian

Date:09/08/2003 Fleet no: AL3

AL3 was extraordinarily deployed as Training Bus. It was spotted at Ocean Park. 




Date: 28/10/2000 Fleet no:AL121

One of the two bus selected for full livery for celebration of the Year of Rabbit 1999.

Date:09/08/2003 Fleet no: AL31

AL31 was unsually in route 641 which operates in peak hours during weekdays. (HK Macau Ferry Terminus)


Date: 28/10/2000 Fleet no: AL71

It was seen at North Point serving 116.

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