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New World First Bus

     Date:08/07/2007 Fleet no:LA2

LA2 was serving XHT route 106. Its offside carried a banner commemorating 10th anniversary of HKSAR.

                                         Date:08/07/2007 Fleet no:LA25

The last of a/c version of Olympian in NWFB fleet.

     Date:02/08/2009 Fleet no: LA8

LA8 was serving southern district route 38 at Aberdeen.



Date: 25/12/2006 Fleet no:LA14

LA14 was passing via Morrison Road when serving XHT route 111.

Date:02/08/2009 Fleet no:LA18

Another Olympian was serving route 81 to Lai Tak Estate.

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Date: 02/08/2009 Fleet no:LA19

It was heading towards North Point Ferry from Chai Wan.

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